Why Choose Us For ISO 9001 Consultation & Lead Auditor Training Provider

Let us look at why you should choose Quality Growth Services Pvt. Ltd as your consulting firm for quality training, consulting and certification.

We make sure that you know what you are getting into with your new quality control certification. These professionals will help you see the gap between your company’s existing standards and levels expected after the certification. These professionals will then help you bridge the gap.

A process is followed here. A checklist of all details will be made by the consultant. Then employees of the company must be told that an audit is going to take place so that they comfortably answer all auditor’s queries. Divide the company office into manageable small zones. In the checklist, the consultant will mark what he sees being done right and where there is a gap. The auditor will identify four areas. One area is when all is documented and going as per certification requirement. Second is where everything is as per compliance principles but documentation needs to be done. The third is when something is not as per compliance and needs to be redone and last of all when a process does not exist and is required by the certification standards to be there.

  • The consultants take 5 days for this gap analysis. This process will add value to your business. The problems will be identified, their causes understood and their solutions found.
  • The consultants at quality growth services also provide executive awareness training. This ISO 9001 training is for convincing all employees from top to all lower levels that getting an ISO certification is indeed a great business growth plan. This training is conducted with aids such as presentations and workshops.
  • The people who attend do not need to know about quality control or about auditing. The team at QGS is of expert trainers who are experts in the subject of quality control. The tricks used in the training make the sessions interactive and highly educating whilst at the same time maintaining a practical approach and a serious stance towards learning.
  • With us, you would know all about relevant parties to the quality management standards. These parties usually are customers, govt. organizations, employees, and shareholders.
  • Customers are your end users and are directly affected by the product you sell. Govt. organizations come to play when your product must meet some legal requirement and here those organizations also get involved which make sure that the customers are well catered to. These could be watchdogs of the community.
  • Your employees are your first responsibility. They need a good environment which is the duty of every company to provide.
  • Last and very important are the company’s shareholders that have a direct interest in what your company is doing and how well the company is performing.
  • We will help you identify all parties getting involved with each transaction and will help you as a company to cater to the needs of all parties.
  • QGS as ISO 9001 consultants would also let you take a risk-based approach. This materializes in the form of preventive measures. Severity and probability of risk will both be taken into account by the QGS people. These professionals will tell you where risk is acceptable and where it is not based on the structure of the organization.
  • Then countermeasures to this risk will be taken. Till when a risk remains possible will also be noted down along with all other risk-related data in the tabular form. All this is executed to make a company risk resistant.
  • That is not it. There is one more special aspect which the QGS people will take care of for your company and that is the SIPOC model. It helps divide the entire work into manageable portions with the customer at the focus, and it helps identify which the key suppliers are, their shortcomings, what the customer wants and what he will pay. This otherwise tedious work which only certain talented pool can take care of will be handled by your company by us.
  • We will also conduct lead auditor 9001 training for your staff. This team from QGS will help you with why the internal audit is required, what ISO 9001: 2008 is, collecting information by observing, interviewing, and checking documents and records. Then the team will make a lead auditor 9001 training report. Last, of all, the team will advise the company on corrective measures which it can take.
  • Another very important role that QGS can play in a company’s life is the role of that third party which does a quality check of the latter company’s products and decides and judges if the product meets international quality standards. QGS will also check if your company meets safety standards, and enjoys a good image with all related parties. Your company can, in turn, take advantage of the analysis to make better quality products and enable better safety regulations.
  • Last but not the least of all reasons why you should hire QGS is for pre-assessment audits. Companies of all sizes should go for pre-assessment audits. Find the non-conforming elements of your company and take measures to correct anomalies, ascertain that the company is ready for a full audit for the purpose of certification, and finally it helps save costs by postponing actual certification audit.