About Us

Quality growth services private limited is a training and consultancy organization in existence since 1994. Quality, IT, Energy and Environment are the subject expertise of the company. Our subject specialists are in 5 Indian cities besides also having a presence in Botswana. Besides that, we are also a team of ISO lead auditors and accredited trainers in the field of quality control of automotive. The team is comprised of experts in the field of all sciences, and business management, and also made up of environmental experts. Customer-driven engineering is also one of our main niches. We also engage with suppliers and help them improve their process, and ensure the improvement of overall product making capability.

We provide training in ISO 50001- Electricity bill reduction and energy management techniques, ISO 14001 training- reduction of bad impact to the environment, ISO 45001 training- safety of employees and care measures of occupational health, ISO 27001- safety of information assets, ISO 9001 training- quality control measures, ISO 17025- accredited labs, and ISO 22301- planning and steps to recover a business post an accident or other reasons for shut down.

We also cater to industries such as BPOs, electronics and electrical industries, food processing industries, industries of metallurgy, power generation, education and academic research, testing and research labs, hospitality, healthcare, and more

That is not all as QGS also provides GD&T certification. This is important in today’s age of globalization and we help you stay on top of the game with your suppliers’ team knowing completely well about your design and functional requirements.

QGS can help you with the following -:


Improving product design or process of manufacture

GD&T certification

Teaching supplier about your design and requirements

Quality management

Quality delivery to client on time, venue and occasion decided

Business Continuity

Help in case of failure, assurance that safety is ensured,
eliminating risk to the business, and getting relevant ISO 27001 certification
along with BS 25999 standard

Six Sigma Training

Green belt, Black belt, Master black belt.

Behavior-based safety training

which means behavior that ensures safety
including soft skills.

We are proud to inform you that our clients are present in 25 nations, across 3 continents, and these clients work in the field of 100s of different products and services.