ISO 9001:2008
Quality Management System


Introduction to ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems

ISO 9001 Standard is one of The 9000 family which are designed to provide a bunch of quality management procedures. These procedures were provided to enable organizations create the best quality products and services for their clients and stakeholders respectively. ISO 9001 can be seen as much more than a standard, it should be introduced as part of every business strategic plan and not merely think of as a quality management tool for products and services. Many companies merely see ISO 9001 Standard as an approach to manage the quality of their products or services, or even as a standard of certification. Whereas, it`s so much more than just that. Personally, my own view has always been that business is quality and also quality refers to great business. With my experiences in researching quality, I have frequently been surprised by business executives, managers and owners that are willing to improve their effectiveness, lucrativeness and customer satisfaction, but have failed to look into the logical power of ISO 9001 Standard. They normally take into consideration of ISO 9001 only when one of their major clients asks them about ISO 9001 Standard. Also, they sometimes take ISO 9001 as an after-thought instead of it being a strategic and major part of their general business plans. However, all these are not strategic goals and objectives. For as long as I can remember, the main value of ISO 9001 has been argued over on. Those organizations that continue to argue instead of taking action on it have been subjected to view of under grown business and are being surpassed by organizations that have taken action on ISO 9001.


ISO 9001 Standard lays down the measures for a quality management system which is said to be the only standard in the family that can be proficient to. This is designed for any organization, either large or small, irrespective of its area of specialization. As a matter of fact, researches conducted stated that there are more than 1 million organizations and companies in over 170 countries proficient to ISO 9001 Standard. However, this standard is established on a series of quality management protocols comprising of customer satisfaction, the innovation and implementation of top management, the process and persistent perfection. These systems are employed to deliver quality products and services to customers and ensure that quality remains stable. For an organization to meet the requirements for the ISO 9001 Standard, it must create a document that defines each and every aspect of their quality management system. Quality management system is simply what the organization engages to enhance the quality of its products and services which usually requires improvement continuously. This document must indicate the exact scope of the management system and what it relates to, also describing some terms for every level of the organization can comprehend it. It must also contain a segment that indicates the layout of the system and a section designed to management responsibility. There must be a segment which states out the resource management in line with the quality management system, and it must also indicate the processes in which the system is measured and improved over time.